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Lead Work Fabrications


Bat Access Vents and Vents:

For listed buildings or for roofing works under a bat licence, LWF supply access vents for bats to enter roof spaces or vents for airflow or extraction vents, all made using milled code 4 lead.

Chimney Aprons:

LWF supply DPC trays for newly built chimneys. Chimneys require this DPC tray in order to stop water ingress into the building. LWF also supply all the necessary aprons and saddles to complete chimney installation from back gutters, front aprons, saddles, DPC trays and step flashings.

Window Trays and Corner Flashing:

To weather internal structures before windows are fitted, these flashings are a critical part of constructing Dorma windows and detailed works to protect from water ingress.

Lead Slates:

Lead slates are used for weathering soil vent pipes, flue's for wood burning stoves, Aga's and boilers. LWF can fabricate lead slates to any size and any pitch using high quality milled code 4 lead to British and European standard BSEN12588.